March 10, 2006

Impeach Huckapoo

huckababy.jpg There comes a time when even the most loyal supporter must stand up and say: a line has been crossed. That line is our northern border, where Huckapoo has just been officially recognized by The Canadian Intellectual Property Office [hat tip to Now, Why Didn't I Think of That, the second-best Canadian patent, trade-mark and copyright blog on the web]. Of course, Huckapoo whored themselves out in the U.S. of A. a long time ago, but that's precisely my point. The American trademarks were granted at a time when it seemed gloriously possible that Huckapoo might some day be an actual band rather than just the sweaty fantasy of creepy bloggers. But to seek the right to splatter its name on Canadian bandanas, tape dispensers and "manipulative games" (heh heh) in March, 2006 is enough to make you want to say, "Hey biotechs, why not put out a freakin' album first? Your fan base ain't getting any younger." Which, come to think of it, is perhaps why the Canadian trademark list includes diaper bags.

Having blogged about Huckapoo a time or 52 in my day, it is with some reluctance that I gingerly raise the question of whether it might be time to move on. Fortunately, if indeed a transition is to be made, I have found assistance in what just may be the most awesomest Internet blog ever in the history of the Internets, The Cure for Bedbugs — a supersmart, supersexy, superobsessive teen pop heaven. Ferreal, how did I not know about...


The Veronicas...

M2M before they grew up and went solo...

Not that I'm complaining about the growing up.

Anyway, keep your eye on Cure for Bedbugs and proprietor Dave Moore, who is apparently some kind of college student, judging from his intellectual reading matter: Samuel Johnson, W.G. Sebald, Francois Truffaut, Lolita... Oh, wait a second.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Do you know

Amy Diamond

More amusingly? One of Huckapoo's trademark applications has run afowl of the North Shore Militia Resources Corporation.

They've also apparently run into trouble with the mark HUCKAP for clothing being cited against them, which is, quite possibly, the only mark WORSE than "Huckapoo" I can think of.

Just when you thought it was safe to give up your habit, the Washington Monthly (inadvertently) gets in on the act.

Dan, I think it's incumbent upon you to start the Huckapoo '08 bandwagon.

M2M is the BEST BAND EVER! HEAR ME?! BEST. BAND. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The blond one, Marit Larsen, she's the best singer EVER! GO TO HER WEBSITE!
The brunette, Marion Raven, is a biotch!

By the way, you forgot about Brie Larson :)

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