March 2, 2006

Because a guy who's never been married or had kids is exactly who you should be listening to about stuff like this

Pope Benedict XVI.jpg This site has been following the war on IVF for some time now, but here's a new twist, courtesy of Pope Benedict XVI. We already know that God hates in vitro fertilization because of all those frozen embryos snowflake babies. But according to Das 'Dict, IVF is also immoral because "it replaces the natural conjugal love between husband and wife."

Um, having children at all tends to impede conjugal love, pal.

I'm trying to find an actual transcript of the Pope's address, because I can't for the life of me figure out what this means: "The Church does allow artificial insemination for married couples if it 'facilitates' the sex act, but does not replace it."

Still, considering that so many people believe the church thinks sex should only be for procreation, it's kind of nice to know that, in at least one circumstance, the official line is that procreation is only acceptable if it leads to sex. If my twins ever get a chance to meet the Pope, I'll be sure to introduce him as the man who thinks they shouldn't be alive because it's far more important for mommy and daddy to fuck.

So does this mean he's for gay marriage?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Reminds me of Ned Flanders (as Thomas More) to Homer (as Henry VIII): "I think a celibate Italian weirdo knows a lot more about marriage than you."

And what does this say about adoption? Doesn't that replace conjugal love, in a sense? Frankly, I'm having trouble thinking about normal conjugal sex due to my outrage over the Catholic Church's scandals. As a lapsed Catholic, it's hard for me not to think of the church as a group that time has passed by most profoundly. I mean, I was a member of the Kiss Army at the same time I was Catholic and now they're both equally relevant.

Yeah, baptized Catholic, Communed, Confirmed, Married UT OH...Divorced. But anyone who listens to a group led by a former member of Hitler's Army and covers up it's own travesties should have his/her head examined!

Talk in circles to make themselves sound like human feeling people and the brain washed masses will follow. Sad situation.

well... the incredible fact of the matter is that tens of millions of people around the world believe that what this funny little man says is the word of god.

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