February 6, 2006

Um, wouldn't a barnyard be the one place where talking about cocks wouldn't be obscene?

"...a barnyard reference to 'cocks' in the new song Rough Justice also disappeared. —Reuters, on censoring the Stones.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


The New York Times Style Guide has a pleasantly snarky little item in it discouraging the use of "barnyard expletive" as a substitute for printing an obscenity, because it leads one to wonder exactly what barnyard animal was involved.

As for the song itself, I kind of thought that was one of those lyrics that, if you're old enough to get it, you're much too old to be offended by hearing it at the Superbowl. I mean, I get why they bleeped a particular line from "Start Me Up," but--really.

They also bleeped out a word from "Start Me Up" -- the part where Mick sings, "You make a dead man ejaculate."

Are you aware that:

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