February 1, 2006

You'd think he'd have learned his lesson

This article was posted "1 hour ago" (per Google News) on FOXNews.com: Oprah to Have Disputed Author Frey Back on Show.

James Frey, the author of the disputed memoir, "A Million Little Pieces," will appear Thursday on a live broadcast of Oprah Winfrey's television show to address the dustup surrounding his book, according to a spokeswoman for Winfrey's Harpo Productions.

Harpo spokeswoman Angela DePaul also said Nan A. Talese, whose imprint at Doubleday published Frey's account of overcoming drug addiction and alcoholism, would appear with Frey, as well as several journalists familiar with allegations that parts of the memoir are fiction.

Either he's a glutton for punishment, or his last public shaming really goosed sales.

If only this was the least accurate story on Fox News today.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Good Lord. Why is this still news? Unless Frey and Oprah are going to announce a 50 percent refund to anyone duped into owning a copy of the book, I am NOT interested in what they have to say. Next book: Beating a Dead Horse Into a Million Tiny Pieces.

Those two together are the two biggest whores since Paris and Tara found each other.

Can't tell if you've figured this out, Dan, what with that crazy ironic wit of yours - but for those that haven't, this is just a bad reposting of a week-old story...


Sorry, I should've made it a link instead of just pasting it. Hopefully this one will work.

Um, yeah, that was my (lame) joke. Hence the reference to it being an inaccurate story. I kinda thought it was obvious.

Yeah, I thought that mighta been what you meant, but you're always keepin' us guessin', you know? Anyway, all's well that ends with James Frey's career in ruins.

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