January 26, 2006

Which makes Jay fucking Roach the guy who brings some class to this project

They say that All The President's Men ruined a generation of journalists, spawning a class of pseudo-swashbuckling gadabouts more interested in portraying themselves as macho crusaders for truth than actually doing the hard work that getting at the truth requires.

On an unrelated note, have you heard that Peter Landesman is writing the screenplay for a film about Mark "Deep Throat" Felt? I know! Who was their first choice? Someone should really have a word with Felt's agent.

Landesman said the core comes in the G-man's motivations and the weight of keeping that secret. He doesn't buy the widespread speculation that Felt was seeking revenge for being snubbed by Nixon. "I don't believe that was the biggest factor," he said. "Mark's motivation, who he was and why he did what he did will surprise and move people."

"Because," he added, "I'm just gonna make that shit up."

[More — much more — on Landesman]

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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