January 19, 2006

Actually that's three things, but I suppose that's beside the point now

"Osama's prolonged absence, and the increasing prominence of his evil twin, Zawahiri, can only reasonably mean one thing: Osama is either dead, sick or incapacitated — all unsuitable states for propaganda productions." —Peter Brookes, New York Post, Jan. 11

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I dunno, it's a crappy little audiotape. Not even video. I think we can rule out Osama's death, unfortunately, but the other two possibilities still seem to be on the table.

I don't know where else to put this, I mean where anyone will read it I care about, but I found it interesting that almost none of the "MSM" carried any of the meat of the content of Osama's' new tape, just that he's offering a truce and making more threats. The Al Jazzera story, however, contained much more of the message, including alot that made him sound pretty intelligent in my book... check it out...


mostly he's talking about US opinion polls and the fact that Bush ignores them because the "war-mongers" backing him are the only ones profiting from this war. I guess that's propaganda, though, and our media wouldn't want to subject us to that!

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