January 17, 2006

The new style

Hope you like it. Still tweaking, so please let me know if you see anything wrong, either technologically or aesthetically. Big thanks to Kevin Shay who did all the installation, assisted with the design, and even wrote a new plug-in to handle comment spam.

Update: Is that better, all you insecure in your sexuality motherfuckers concerned readers?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Easier to read and lotís of space which makes things less cramped The only complaint is the fuchsia colors trim; it hurts the eyes.

Looking good Daniel! Don't use too much red though, your M-i-L can't read it, it becomes all a blur. As Cooper mentioned, it is less cramped and easier to read.

Looking good Daniel! Don't use too much red though, your M-i-L can't read it, it becomes all a blur. As Cooper mentioned, it is less cramped and easier to read.

Oh, I like the fuchsia. I think it's pretty. What do other people think?

much better but i think i have to agree that the fuschia isn't great. everyone's a critic.

I like the fuchsia but I might dim down the intensity just a hair. Still hate the Courier-style header font though.

I like the fuschia and the Courier!

fuscia! what the fu--? I hate it! No offense, but this color scheme rhymes with "chick flick." I like the bridge though (is it for sale?). I like the old red and black, it was edgy. I think you are pandering to the Huckapoo crowd again.

The fuchsia is too, too bright. It overwhelms the other colors on the page and draws attention to itself. Instead of being drawn to the actual blog entries, the eye is drawn to the decorative borders. Not why we visit a blog.

I didn't even realize there was writing here because I spent all my time staring at the fuchsia border.

I like it just fine. The fuscia is clashing and a little weird on the eyes, but I suspect it's easy to ignore or get used to.

Let the haters hate, man. I love it.

Didn't say I didn't like it. It's hypnotic, like a beautiful, angular lobster. Like springtime in May. Like a bird sailing across lofty azure seas.

Is it me, or are the headlines big and clunky now--out of scale? And with too much space between them . . .

fuschia trim against the dark ground reminds me of a neon red. I like it alot. fuschia in the body against white is perfect as is. if lighter it would look pink. the color scheme is identical to the NYT online, but yours is imminently more readable! spacing, choice and mix of fonts, perfect.

I like the header font now that it's a little smaller. While I normally am very fond of fuchsia, I'm happier with it just a little darker. Looks great!

before this discussion goes any further, someone needs to do a spellcheck on the word "fuscia" and let the rest of us know what they get.

I'm very secure in my mother-fucking sexuality, but sometime I can't sleep at night worrying about my aberrant spelling!

that aside, I feel much more comfortable with this new, calming, slightly less neon "pink."

btw-- try a google search on "fuscia"

whew, i couldn't get a hard-on to save my life with the old site. now it's like hard-on city. thank you daniel and kevin.

You know, I'm thinking of signing up for blogads and they ask for reader testimonials. I think I just found one.

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