December 13, 2005

No chamber quartets will be crushed at this performance

One of the best nights at the theater I've had in a long time was this summer's Fringe Festival performance of my pal Gersh Kuntzman's SUV: The Musical!

Apparently other folks agreed, because the show has been picked up for a limited Off-off Broadway run, Thursdays through Saturdays in January. This is a very funny show that skewers macho SUV owners, meek environmentalists, suburban motherhood, and teen rebellion all at once. Plus, the music and choreography are top-notch.

The cast will be workshopping new versions of the songs this Friday at Joanna Parson's Happy Hour Salon if you'd like a preview, but really you should just trust me on this: get your tickets for January now.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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