December 9, 2005

But who taught Richard Johnson English?

Page Six has a scoop:

"When Daniel Radosh needed to find a publisher for Rapture Ready! — about the pop culture of the religious right — it probably didn't hurt that Frank McCourt, author of mega-selling "Angela's Ashes," had taught him English during his 30 years in New York's public schools."

When calling this item to my attention, Chris Tennant politely noted that he'd had no idea I'd spent 30 years in school and asked if it was special ed.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Great...Dan's on Page Six. What's next, he gets spotted canoodling with Paris Hilton at a downtown hotspot?

The Paris Hilton is a downtown hotspot. Ta-dah!

Oh sure, the Students of Frank McCourt. Real hard nosed types, like the Sons of Katie Elder of the Friends of Eddie Coyle. Publishers are just too damned afraid to turn them down.


I prefer to believe that it was not those 30 years in New York public schools, but the 24 years at Oberlin that made all the difference.

But wait - all Page Six items are planted - did Frank plant it?

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