November 9, 2005

Heh heh. He said "extended."


Earlier, I blew off concerns about the Lifetime "ripped from yesterday's already largely fictitious headlines" miniseries Human Trafficking. It just didn't look any more exploitative to me than the run of the mill Lifetime movie (which is perhaps not saying much, but...).

I didn't actually watch the program, but a sex-worker advocate who did posted a blistering review on the Lifetime message boards (start with the bottom post). "Human Trafficking," notes Kerwin Kaye, "is notable for the extent of its sheer unbelievability." But before he gets into cataloging all the unlikely stuff in the show, he starts out by noting its "extreme salaciousness," including the fact that it "opens with an extended scene shot nearly up the skirt of a supposed 14-year-old girl." So obviously I've set up my Tivo to catch a rerun.

Meanwhile, a film buff source e-mails me a one-line review of Summer Storm, the first film by Welcome to America, You Girls Next Door director Marco Kreuzpaintner: "Softcore gay porn After School Special." Well, I'm sure Roland Emmerich will reign him in.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Dude, you're just sad if you're serious about 14-yr-olds.

And if I'm not serious, am I sad AND something else?

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