November 7, 2005

At last, someone who can bring a little intellectual rigor to this story


According to today's Hollywood Reporter, Milla Jovovich has been cast in the film version of Peter Landesman's The Girls Next Door, instantly raising the credibility of the project. Also, the movie is now called Welcome to America. This avoids confusion with last year's The Girl Next Door, but courts a lawsuit from Art Buchwald. Kevin Kline also stars, in a story even more fanciful than the original.

Kline will play a Texas cop who finds out that he may have had a daughter who was trafficked some years ago. In the course of his investigation, he meets a young boy (Mexican actor Cesar Ramos) from Mexico City whose 13-year-old sister (Mexican actress Paulina Gayton) has been kidnapped. They go on a quest to save the Mexican girl, who is befriended by Jovovich, a young Russian woman who thinks she is coming to the U.S. to become a nanny, but is instead enslaved in Mexico.

Sentence that inadvertently tells you all you need to know: "'It is very important to tell this story from the victims' point-of-view,' said Emmerich, who will direct 10,000, B.C. in March."

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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