November 2, 2005

Pledge Drive: The ultimate trip toy


Still dithering over whether signing up for a free Xbox 360 is worth the effort? Well stare deeply into the pretty picture above. Now imagine an infinite variety of them. Moving.

What you've just imagined is Neon the ultimate lightsynth, from legendary digital artist Jeff Minter, which comes built in to the Xbox 360. Just plug in your iPod (yes, you can do that; in fact, you can use it to override in-game music too) and the 360 becomes your personal hi-def Laser Zeppelin. Now pick up the (wireless) controller and you can influence how the synth interprets the music. How can you not admire a game system that makes something this completely useless standard?

So remember, when you sign up here, you'll not only be helping me get a free Xbox 360, you'll be on your way to getting one yourself. That's $399 you've saved to spend on acid.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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