October 20, 2005

While Huckapoo still toils in obscurity

An alert reader informs me that Prussian Blue will be featured on ABC's Primetime tonight at 10. You think they'd save that for sweeps, considering that the girls are becoming total hotties, in an underage, racist sort of way.


I'm a little bit fatherland...


And I'm a little bit rock n roll.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


Countdown to when they disappoint their parents and fanbase with an undesirable baby-daddy begins ... now!

Having watched the program I am relieved by their lack of talent. They really have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. It's kind of amazing. They're also not particularly attractive, unless you already have short eyes in general, which I must admit I don't.

But most of all they and all their cohorts are cowards. We all know they approve of the Holocaust, they all know we know they approve of the Holocaust, and their potential recruits all know they approve of the Holocaust yet they refuse to own up to it. Have some balls, Nazis. Don't hide behind 'free speech' for your swastika brand. Don't hide behind Holocaust denials. Own up, buck up, cowboy up, whatever it is idiot Crackers say these days.

Although I did get a chuckle out of '88' because it reminded me of my own personal numerical motto '777' which stands for 'Go, Gibbo, Go!'

Pure nazi-pedophilia

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