October 18, 2005

Why movie trailers can't be trusted, part XXIII

I've noted before on this site that you can never tell what a movie is going to be like based on its trailer. Now Andrew links to the ultimate example of how any film can be cut and packaged to look like whatever the marketers want you to think it is. It's almost as scary (and funny) as the movie it's (not really) selling.

More here. PS 260 is new to me. I will definitely be checking it out more thoroughly.

Update. Yikes, I am SO late to this party. Here's the whole story, links to more trailers, and a catalog of everyone who blogged about this before I did (as if you didn't know).

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Yeah, saw that elsewhere a while back. Hilarious. As one of those other bloggers noted, it's the shift to "Salisbury Hill" that makes it. And, of course, the pitch-perfect slightly amused, folksy announcer saying, "Shining."

I just thought it was okay. The West Side Story one is great.

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