October 11, 2005

Kate Lee, call your agent. Oh, wait.

I think that if 42,000 people hadn't been killed in Pakistan on the same day, this would have been just about the worst news I'd heard all weekend, and even so, it was close: "The world's first literary prize for books based on blogs or websites known for short as 'blooks' is launched Monday, 10th October, 2005." First of all, books based on blogs are NOT known as blooks and never will be, because that's the most annoying coinage ever. Second, the press release, when citing examples of this supposed new type of book, is reduced to mentioning Washingtonienne. Any contest in which Washingtonienne is eligable for an award is self-evidently crap. Third, the whole thing is a scam to promote the organizer's self-publishing business. Why yes, I'll pay you to slap my blog between covers in the hopes of winning $1,000. And then I'll shoot myself.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


There's one upside: the ability to ask your friends how their "blooks" are coming.

That was supposed to say "Lindsay." I don't refer to myself as "lindsayism." Fyi, not that anyone cares, etc etc etc.

I just hope my friends make it to the toilet before they blook all over the floor...

Well, hopefully, you don't refer to yourself in the third person on a regular basis at all. That's entirely too Bob Dole.

"Bob Dole thinks that Bob Dole needs to have a cup of coffee!"

"Blook" may be a stupid and ugly coinage, but people not only use it -- they bicker about who came up with it here and here and surely elsewhere. Un-blooking-believable.

Not a word? But I just put a bleg related to my blook on my blawg. . .

(and it does get 117,000 hits on google)

"Blook" may be the most annoying coinage ever, but "Oprahiffic" is an extremely close second. See further bitching and moaning about the latter below.

Nobody ever says "I want to be a blogger when I grow up."

Will there be an award ceremony? That's what I wonder.

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