October 6, 2005

What fresh hell is this?

Nearly two years ago I sounded the alarm on this site about the removal of the word "hell" from my favorite New Yorker cartoon, "Fusilli, you crazy bastard..." (Remember when people used to have favorite New Yorker cartoons?)

Well now the full story is out and I find myself thinking, Why do I waste time on this blog when I could pitch this crap to Time Out New York and get 150 bucks out of it?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


More importantly, why is that your favorite NYer cartoon?

He's pasta. And he's talking on the phone... To another pasta. Honestly, what kind of question is that?

And don't get me started on what it says about the naming conventions in Pasta World and how confusing that must be.

Maybe it's because I'm from Alabama, but thats not funny.

And I understand, one kind of obscure pasta talking to the other like an old frat buddy. But, that's still not funny. It wouldn't be funny if it was fettucine talking to strozzapretti.

The only New Yorker cartoons that were funny were the old Charles Addams.http://www.studiolo.org/Mona/images/ChasAddams1.JPG

That's my favorite NYer cartoon too! In fact I got here by searching for the caption on the web. You have great taste in cartoons.

PS: I think you will like this recent Non Sequitur which hit the same funny bone for me:


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