September 30, 2005

Did someone say Sassy Pixie?


Above: the new Disney Mix Stick, an MP3 player for 6 to 8 year olds. The gimmick, in addition to the choice of cover designs, is that kids can buy memory cards pre-loaded Disney-approved songs. And which of today's top artists have earned a place in this coveted line-up? Do the names Lohan, Simpson and Duff mean anything to you? Well, what about Huckapoo? That's right, boyee, the Huckapoochies are in the mizzix! Also: Technotronic, Chaka Khan and Kool & the Gang. Because great music never goes out of style.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Huckapoo and Lohan on the same tiny chip? It's like the perfect storm.

And Jump5! But I figured no one here would know who they are. Someday I'll introduce you all to the the band I like to call Huckajesus.

What a ripoff! The Chaka Khan song they included was I'm Every Woman, when they obviously should have chosen Tell Me Something Good. I weep for the children of today...

Maybe this was Eisner's going away idea before resigning as CEO?

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