September 30, 2005

(Tonight we're gonna) crash the party

When Gawker unveiled its new invite-only comment feature recently, the reaction was... well, judging from the actual comments since, let's say "low-key." Although some people unaccountably begged to be let past the velvet rope, most realized that the system's elitism would hurt, rather than help, the cause of exciting conversation. The fact that some of the people who did get invites seemed to be the blogosphere's biggest losers only made matters worse.

But as the old saying goes, snarky backtalk wants to be free, so meet Gawker Talker, "a real-time forum for discussing the latest Gawker posts, flown in regularly via RSS" by blog genius (and, tellingly, non-invitee) Jim Hanas. Gawker Talker is open to all and unmoderated, almost as if it was some kind of blog.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


That seems like a lot of trouble.

The internet's biggest losers link rocks. Does that make the "some people" non-losers? Sad to say, clever as Gawker Talker is, it is not likely to ever amount to much more than a blip on the Rad-dar.

Gawker talker is a hilariously perfect example of blog envy and vanity.

You can practically see Jim Hanas tremble obessively while sweating late night hours to put that bizarre site together.

And the best commentary on it all? Virtually all of the posts on Gawker Talker read 'comments (0)'.


Yeah, you can't win them all. As for your description of me "trembl[ing] obsessively while sweating last night hours to put that bizarre site together," I must insist that you remove your diabolical spy cameras at once.

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