September 27, 2005


Neil Gaiman meets Joss Whedon via Time.com.

TIME: So you guys both have movies coming out on September 30th.

NG: It will be National Geek Day...

TIME: Are you nervous? You've got 11 days before it opens.

JW: Something like that. I don't count. I'm not aware of the opening day. I'm not going to be hiding in the bathtub.

TIME: What do you do?

JW: I stockpile canned goods and hide in the basement.

NG: Lucky bastard. I'm going to be signing books out in public.

JW: That gives you great legitimacy. You can say, 'well, I write books. I'm above all this.'

TIME: You could write a book, Joss.

JW: Yes, but not in the next eleven days. I could write a blog.

Plus, why we should be glad there's never been a Books of Magic movie, who's still in the X-Men and much, much more.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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