September 20, 2005

Intelligent Design refuted again


Last week, rumors swirled throughout the greater Long Island area that the world's greatest pop band was disbanding! One piece of evidence: the group's wildly popular web site had suddenly disappeared. My own inquries, with some assistance from the Baker Street Irregulars led me to believe that the rumors were exaggerated, though I'm not prepared to say there was nothing to them at all. In particular, insiders told me that the web site had come down because it was "silly" and would soon be replaced with something more sophisticated.

The original Huckapoo site was one of the first things that drew me to the band (See numbers 5 through 9 inclusive). So I was worried that with an upscale redesign, the charm would be lost. That it would go from so-bad-it's-great to good-enough-that-it-sucks.

I needn't have worried. The sum effect of the change is that instead of looking like something that was designed in 1999, Huckapoo.com now looks like it was designed in 1997. By chimps. Admittedly the new sparkly logo is very nice, and the girls themselves look all grow'd up in their new toon form, but that's hard to notice what with all the bizzy bizzy blinking text and floaty hearts. New content? Nah. Other than the immensely dorky Huckapoo World "video," we get the same pictures and the same songs (not even the new versions). Couldn't they at least have recorded new welcome messages to replace the "hi, my name is..." ones? (I was hoping for, I dunno, "I want to melt butter on you.") There are new links for "bios," but they don't do anything. Would somebody get around to inventing backstories for these young ladies already?

Oh, there is now a "stop music" button, but why would you want to do that?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Well, this will make it easier to replace them. One by one..., like little stepford poos.

Seriously, I think I made that website once, in 1996 or 7, while screwing around with crappy abilities on a college server.

West Side!

They've transcended their human forms and moved on to a higher plane of awesomeness.

Can my secret spy name be Sparkly Rainbow?

Wow. Spot-on on that 1997 thing. And what the hell is with the "Go To.." stuff up top that doesn't link to anything?

Good to see you back doing what you do best, Daniel, after you got schooled on your ill-informed abortion stance by TS.

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