September 20, 2005

It's Eggers' world, we're just bidding on the right to live in it

Via Gawker: In a new stunt charity drive, various authors are auctioning off naming rights to characters in their new novels. Dave Eggers clarifies, "The winner will be featured in a strange illustrated story Iím working on called The Journey of the Fishes Overland. The winner, or someone of her/his choosing, will be encountered by the traveling fish in question, as they travel over land... That name/s have to be tasteful and undisruptive to the narrative. I reserve the right to refuse using a name I find offensive."

Jewy Fagboy
Nigger McNiggerstein
Chief Wahoo
I.P. Freely
Paul Maliszewski
Karl Wenclas
P.J. Bardot
Sean Hannity
Neal Pollack
Dave "Stupidhead" Eggers

Posted by Daniel Radosh


ahaha, i laffed and laffed. (i am five.)

Comments should take on the appropriate Eggerstian tone, and finish with the obvious and ineffective.


P.J. Bardot! HA!

Karl Muckenhaupt

Oh, surely Dave will be OK with "Neal Pollack." After all, according to Michael Wolff, my freshman-year roommate Neal is a figment of Dave's imagination.

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