September 7, 2005

You're welcome, asshole

So I'm driving home last weekend and I practically run off the road when I see this sign outside the Hudson River Rafting Company in North Creek, New York. I mean, what the fuck is the matter with people?


I guess if Michael Brown wants to argue that his response to Katrina wasn't quite as bad as humanly possible, he can always say, "At least I didn't try to find a silver lining for rafting enthusiasts."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


they broke up

OK, call me stupid, but......What the Hell does that first comment mean?

The sign? Some only think of their own pockets! Sad

Now, now, isn't it merely polite to thank the hurricane gods for their beneficence in sending a storm that results in better rafting?

Yikes.... asshole might be a euphemism for what that guy is.

1st comment..huckapoo

Wait, what? Developing...

what a blog!1comment is really cowdung.mac

theyve broken up..1s back in my school

What the hell? God forgive these people for their insane reactions

one is back in your school because they found out it's easier that way than having to do schooling everyday in the city. not all the girls are back in school fully, only two of them. the others are either still being tutored or half tutored/half regular school.

get your stories set straight next time before you decide to start a rumor :)

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