August 22, 2005

A Thousand Bellyachers

Excerpts of letters to the editor of The New York Times from novelist Jane Smiley (a rejected submission to the Radar List).

"The truly appalling aspect of Mr. Bush's aggressive stance in the matter of the Florida vote is not his small-minded attempts to bully the other side but his total lack of concern for the rights of voters." —Nov. 13, 2000

"The Republican world looks to many of us like a Hobbesian jungle, where the poor and the unlucky have to play by harsh rules, but the rich and lucky have no rules at all."—Nov. 9, 2002

"What's another name for the vast right-wing conspiracy that Paul Krugman writes about? It is 'coup d'etat.'"—Mar. 29, 2002

"The Bush administration has utterly bungled war preparations and has done a great deal of damage to our stature in the world." —Feb. 19, 2003

"Wake up, America! Your government is being stolen right out from under your noses by the right wing." —July 2, 2003

"Europe seems to have learned several lessons from World War II that the rest of the world still doesn't understand. One is that religion is fraught with controversy. Another is that war is the least desirable option." —Oct. 14, 2003

"Walter Kirn's review of Martin Amis's novel "Yellow Dog" was so intelligent and charmingly written that I would have to say it is a bad review worth aspiring to." —Nov. 23, 2003

"Readers of Nicholas D. Kristof's columns about the Cambodian sex workers he has saved should remember that the conditions that these young women suffer today are only a little more than 200 years in the past in the First World." —Jan. 24, 2004

"The important thing about the failure to find W.M.D.'s and the failure to pacify Iraq and the failure to protect the treasures, the infrastructure and the women of Iraq is that these failures were foreseen by many who opposed the war." —Mar. 28, 2004

"As long as Americans live in thrall to the gun lobby, we will suffer the collateral damage of school shootings, workplace shootings, sniper attacks from bridges, and all sorts of other unnecessary mayhem." —Apr. 24, 2004

"Faulty intelligence. An administration eager to go to war. Volunteer army. Doctrine of pre-emptive attack. Here's how I connect the dots: arrogant fantasy resulting in criminal waste of blood, money and international good will." —July 10, 2004

"Alexander Hamilton, having actually established our nation on a sound fiscal footing, deserves to remain on the $10 bill. The obvious place for Ronald Reagan is the $3 bill." —July 25, 2004

"Laura Bush may think she's only being funny, but some of us think she is being a hypocrite, and even further exposing the true agenda of the Bush administration, which is to do harm and, apparently, enjoy it." —May 3, 2005

Posted by Daniel Radosh


This was funny too.

Oh lordy -- I just now got the joke of the title of this post. Well done.

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