August 4, 2005

I've always known that guy was totally untrustworthy

Jack Shafer thinks he's soooo smart, doesn't he? In his latest slam on the hard working journalists who are just trying to write entertaining trend stories for decent folk to read at the breakfast table, Shafer begins his search for "the meth capital of the world," with the sentence, "Everybody concedes that New York City is the financial capital of the world, Los Angeles the entertainment capital, and Tokyo its sushi capital."

Oh, really? Everybody? Because it says here that the entertainment capital of the world is most often identified as Las Vegas, followed by Hollywood, then L.A., then Orlando and New York. And at least some people locate the sushi capital in Osaka, Okinawa, and a little Japanese village called Vancouver.

So tell us, smart guy, what's the sex slave capital of the world?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I don't know how many readers of this blog have actually been to Okinawa. But I can say, after being there for a week earlier this year, that it is most definitely NOT the sushi capital of the world. The pork capital of Japan, maybe. In fact, considering that it is (a) an island and (b) Japanese, the quality of the sushi -- even on expenses -- is extremely underwhelming.

I would also note that the chap who called Okinawa the sushi capital of the world is also a chap who, by his own admission, has only ever eaten sushi once in his life...

Spoilsport! Actually, when I visited Japan I was surprised to learn that sushi isn't all that big a deal anywhere -- certainly not compared to New York or San Francisco. I didn't even eat enough to find out if it was generally better than in the US. If Tokyo is the anything capital, I'd say noodles.

I can also say from not entirely unpleasant experience that Kyushu is the cherry blossom sushi captial of the world. Also known as raw horse meat.

"So tell us, smart guy, what's the sex slave capital of the world?"

Bangkok. Is it Bangkok? I bet it's Bangkok.

japanese village, no, not really. ha. but cheap, ubiquitous sushi is one of the first things i started to miss when i left vancouver for other, lamer parts of canada. chef tojo invented the california roll, which is the only way i can get my white ass friends to come eat sushi with me, so if dude wants to say this is the sushi capital of the world, im backing him up.

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