July 27, 2005

Job opening, as of this morning: copy editor at the New York Times

Headline from this morning's print and online New York Times:


Earlier version, as saved by Google News:


Well, it could've been worse.

Update: Romenesko's brief history of news bloopers.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Yes... and one blog I read noted that in one obituary of that Walton heir who died in a plane crash, he was described as "down to earth."

Kind of tough to top Jonathan Klein's "CNN is flooding the zone on tsunami coverage" thing, but that's a good one.

On Dec. 31, 2004, AP carried the headline: "Buenos Aires disco inferno kills 88."


I am an idiot - I don't get it. What's the inadvertantly offensive part?

I'm shocked, shocked, that you can't see what's offensive about using that metaphor in a story about electrocution. Or did you mean that maybe it wasn't inadvertent?

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