July 26, 2005

Gawker is my new bestest friend!

OMG! OMG! Today the cool kids accessorize their comments about Jane Pratt's departure from the magazine that carries her name with a link to an article I wrote about Jane's previous magazine way back in 1994 for The New York Press, an alternative weekly that folded several years ago.

Although that article is nearly as gushy as I've ever gotten, it earned me Pratt's lasting (as far as I know) enmity for calling her "something of a figurehead" at Sassy. In retrospect I was probably a little unfair. I should have made more clear that my analysis reflected the comments of several Sassy staffers and that Jane herself declined to speak with me, making the story inevitably lopsided. In any case, while Jane (the magazine) was certainly never Sassy, it was usually much better than its competition, and obviously Pratt deserves credit for that.

Gawker is also right that Marjorie (née Margie) is the best. Hi Marjorie! Time to update yer web site already!

Posted by Daniel Radosh


hi daniel! shut up! web sites that haven't been updated since 1997 are the new huckapoo.

oh, and how's your "let's twins" site doing, btw?


Dear Dan,

Thanks for describing the NYPress as having "folded several years ago." That seems the best way to lament the decline and disappearance of the early-to-mid-'90s Press, which was an enjoyable, eclectic, smart weekly read. The rag that somehow still sports the name bears little other resemblance to the earlier paper.

Keep up the good work.

When was there a magazine called Pratt? Ooohhhh... nevermind.

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