July 20, 2005

Scotty would have wanted you to watch it

If you missed the original run and for some reason don't yet own the DVDs, you now have another chance to watch Firefly from the beginning starting Friday on the SciFi Channel. The series leads up to the theatrical release of Serenity, of course. Last time I posted about this I said the trailer was a bit muddled and disappointing. While it's always hard to judge a movie by its trailer one way or the other, it is promising that the new international version is much better than the US one. [Via Pieces of Flair -- again.]

Update: Meanwhile run like a bunny and pick up the new Serenity comic, the first of a three-part series co-written by Joss that bridges the gap between the show and the movie. I couldn't be happier with it unless it were longer.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Right away I can tell that some things aren't going to translate well to the big screen, like the pilot guy's... whole personality, basically. But I'm gonna see the SHIT out of it!

The absence of Shepherd Book in the trailers depresses the crap out of me. I was hoping for at least some part of his story in the feature length -- but who am I kidding. I really just want the lost season two...


I liked that Serenity comic, except the artist couldn't get the hooker's likeness right. Or courtesan, or whatever they call her.

Jim -- yeah, that was weird, because he captured everyone else pretty well. (OK, he made Kaylie hotter than she really is, but I can't complain about that). It was really the writing that got me. It was like watching an epsidoe of the show. (Not to diminish comics as a medium with its own inherent yada yada yada)

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