July 18, 2005

Oh great, someone else Jessica has to slither away from at parties

Poor Gawker! First Page Six kettle-calls editrix Jessica Coen for her snarky snarkiness, now Francis has discovered (in the course of his Radar ticker-writing duties) that the Wikipedia entry for Gawker was recently updated to change the phrase "funny, sarcastic voice" to "supposedly funny, sarcastic voice." No fair! Gawker is indisputably sarcastic!

The kicker: The I.P. address of the anonymous Wikiteer who made the change reveals him or her to be an employee of Conde Nast. Ooh! Way to get revenge.

After the jump: Other Wikipedia changes made by Conde Nasties.

Actual changes, that is, not wouldn't-it-be-funny (or at least mildly amusing)-ifs. What do you think this is, Low Culture?

• Added Vogue to list of CN fashion magazines.

• Gratuitiously plugged Xeni Jardin in the entry for Newcleus. N.b., Jardin works for Wired, a CN-family publication (hmm).

• Added the words "under the editorial direction of Chris Anderson" to the statement that Wired "is now growing again." (Again, I say, hmmm.)

• Nitpicked entry for Wellesley College.

• Fleshed out history of GAMES Magazine. I suspect Francis did this one himself.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Busted! But in attempting to maintain Wikipedia's rule of neutrality, I didn't point out that the current owners of Games are big jerks who don't pay authors their contracted reprint fees.

And yet her self-confidence never wanes! How many people would need to point out that she's not funny, dumb-as-shit, and in possession of a really crap nosejob that should make her pretty wary of bitchy commentary on others' plastic surgery for her to figure out that those things are all TRUE, so TRUE.


Don't talk about Gawker! That's what Denton wants. Even bad publicity is good for him.

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