July 12, 2005

Is the Audubon Society aware of this?

From today's New York Times "What's On Tonight" TV listings:

"10 pm (Bravo) Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The Fab Five have a particular makeover challenge tonight. Jim Boyd, their subject, is a naturalist (we used to call them nudists), so the fashion guidance could be limited."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Hope they don't go the Nicky Hilton route...

I expect you mean "naturist". The link gets it right. Or am I missing the forest for the trees?

The link gets it right because I made the link, not the Times (the paper version of which does not yet have hyperlinks -- where's CueCat when you need it). They're the ones who got the words mixed up, though I can see how my post might be confusing.

That's sic!

So, essentially you're telling me the Fab 5 will be Boyd-watching tonight. Maybe someone *should* tell the folks at Audubon, after all.

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