June 16, 2005

You know, there's writing on the inside of the magazine also

Gawker aims at side of barn, misses:

"Remember the new superstrain of AIDS that promised to make 2005 seem like 1985 for New York’s gays? The one that was all over the press for a few days, and that prompted an hysterical New York magazine cover story? Yeah? Well, turns out it, um, sort of didn’t exist."

Well, um, that New York cover story, the one Gawker neglects to actually link to, despite using the cover as its illustration, sort of says exactly that. The hed and deck are, "The Invention of Patient Zero: How crystal-meth-fueled promiscuity, AIDS medical politics, and one very sick man combined to create a phantom superbug." The article then goes on to say, "After the frenzy died down, however, the new epidemic began to look a lot less fearsome. In fact, on closer examination, almost everything about this case seems murky." In other words, the story was about the hysteria, not part of it.

And the Gawker editors call themselves responsible journa-- wait, never mind.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Gawker fixed it (without strikeout--tsk) to read "an hysterical New York magazine cover (on what was actually a skeptical article)." Seeing as the cover calls the talk of the virus "a new AIDS myth," this looks like strike two.

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