June 9, 2005

Wikipedia hates Twiggy Stardom

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It has been only three days since Huckapoo finally earned themselves a Wikipedia entry, and already there's trouble brewing. First, there was a short-lived coup when, for less than a minute, the entry was altered to read: "The world's shittiest girl group. It consists of alter egos such as Twiggy Stardom (the prep) Pj Bardot (the pathetic white urban kid who listens to rap music) Joey Thunders (the punk) Angel Sparks (the punk also)." I mean, duh, everyone knows Angel is a biker chick.

Now there's a debate over whether Twiggy deserves a separate entry of her own. Well, not so much a debate as a chorus of disapproval.

member of a band that haven't released an album - and don't look like they will.

not notable member of a not notable band. Since when do bands have cheerleaders anyway?


Things aren't looking good for the Twigster. What kind of crazy world is this where the nerds get to judge the cheerleader?

In case you're wondering, I have nothing to do with this entry. I didn't write it, I haven't touched it, I haven't commented on it.

The only thing I did was request that someone else create it, only because I wanted to see what we'd get. And I filed that request only after seeing that someone had created a link to the not-yet existent Huckapoo page on the entry for, well, me.

Yeah, I have a Wikipedia entry, and I really, really promise you that I have nothing to do with that either. You can probably tell from reading it: basically it reduces my entire existence to stuff that I've written about on this blog. I can't tell you how depressing that is. I've made only two small changes to it since it went up, fixing a couple of dates.

Fun fact: I looked up my name after Kevin alerted me that there was an entry for him, and that according to the Wikans, his co-author on the book My First Presidentiary is someone you might not expect.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Poor Twigster ;[

Hey Daniel, got any other Huckapoo updates? We need some Huckapoo news, it's boring without any!

From what I've seen, huckapoop is going down the toilet, fast!

Alexa -- Does something give you the sense that I have Huckapoo updates that I'm NOT already posting? Do you really believe I may have set the bar for Huckapoo news too high? Or that there is a bar?

Meanwhile, it really is looking like that album -- due "early 2005" -- will never be released. Anyone inside the Huckapoo Corporation care to give us some public reassurances?

From what I've heard from one of the girls, the album is now said to be due out around August.

But, it was also supposed to be out LAST August, then early 2005.. who knows. Brian has a habit of pushing things back.

From Wikipedia: "These 5 girls are all locals from the northeast area."

Ah, locals.

If you want to know about Huckapoo's album, write to them at this address:

c/o Entertainment Properties, LLC
45 Rockefeller Plaza
Suite 2034
NY, NY 10111

i found this address at fanmail.biz

u fuckers better shut up....all the girls r my friends and jordan price (groovy) is a good friend of mine...u guys r just jelious

i agree with Blaise... Jordan is great... the others are good too and u guys are jealous and just need to shut up.

hi i am guillaume bertrand i am a friend of twiggy stardom well so you better listen back their music can't you see guys that twiggy is young and she sings with an angelic voice and she is superbly pretty so just give my opinion hope it did get to you thanks for nicky and blaise
guillaume bertrand

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