June 7, 2005

Can you turn down your outfits please? This is a library


PJ: "Could this reading shit be any more boring?"
Angel: "Whatevs, bitch. I just fucked yer boyfriend."

In case you're wondering what the Huckapips are doing at Jericho Middle School: "Huckapoo offers special performances for public schools where they send a positive message to students to stay free of alcohol and drug abuse." (Confidential to B.L.: Hahahahaha!)

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Still can't find any better use for your time or better topics for your blog, huh?

An interesting review written by a highschooler who attended one of their school concerts:


Yes, Mina, it's pretty shameful that Huckapoo is the only thing Daniel has blogged about for weeks now. Huckapoo: the band grown from adopted embryos.

Those pictures are so cute.

huckapoo likes to read!! haha yay.

Imagine the irony if someday we find out the girls in Huckapoo are teen sex slaves.

Huckapoo played a show at my brother's middle school a while back. He's right up there with you on the Huckobsession.

i said it once and i'll say it again he's just jelious cuz those girls r gonna make it big...im good friends with all of them and they all r very sweet girls....if they make it big they very much deserve all they get cuz of all the hard work they put on....jordan (groovy) even missed our christmas dance cuz she needed to work

I have to agree with Blaise on Radosh being all jellious... man jelly that is.

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