July 9, 1988

If I were running a fledgling fourth network, I'd give it its own half hour

I could take or leave Tracey Ullman, but last night's episode had another one of those short cartoons by the guy who does Life In Hell that just blew away everything else on the show. I feel that Sampson (?) family has a lot more stories in them somehow. I bet people would even buy ancillary merchandise.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Daniel -

I think it was "Simpson," and I agree with you. There must be at least three or four seasons' worth of good, inventive stories those characters could generate. Maybe even five. From your mouth to the fledgling fourth network's ears!...

This might not be the appropriate forum, but has anyone heard about this "Microsoft" company? I think they could really make it big.

I'll tell you who's gonna make it big, and that's Dukakis. I know Bush has the whole military-image thing going for him so far, but if Dukakis takes my advice he'll come to the the General Dynamics plant in Michigan and do a photo op in an M1 Abrams tank. That should pretty much level *that* playing field, eh? Heard it here first!

Hey, I just cyber-e-diaried a remarkably similar idea! If you and I both thought of it independently, it must be a winner.

You know, I saw "Rattle and Hum" recently. Man, them guys from U2 are just treading water. I've got a feeling this is the last we'll hear from them.

Cause now, it's Hammer-Time! You know I've heard that he has a phone...IN HIS CAR!

Daniel -

Yeah, we did think of it independently, but I wasted time at wik-, er, my reference shelf looking up the precise location and model of tank to recommend.

But please: "cyber-e-diaried" is obviously too long a verb. If this fad is gonna catch on, I urge you to promulgate my catchy "bone" abbreviation. As in... "you mean that remarkably similar idea that I... boned???"

It's the Simpson family. You know, like that football player turned charming comic actor O.J. Simpson? Poor guy, seems nice enough, but with his modest talents he's definitely going to be headed for obscurity.

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