May 24, 2005

See, not all of my friends are loser media types

Every now and then I wonder, "What do doctors blog about?" And then I answer to myself, "Various diseases of the huckapoo, probably," and I go about my business. I do now and then check in on the medi-blog Iatremia, but only because the guy behind it, Michael Chaplin, is a friend of mine since high school, and I figure this is the place to find out if he's killed any patients yet.

But today, Chappie (yes, we called him that; no it wasn't a prep school) is hosting something called Grand Rounds, a massive link dump featuring the best of the doctor blogs. So now when you go in for your next check-up you can be confident that your physician will get your Star Wars jokes, and then go talk about you while sitting on the john. Yay, blogging!

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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