May 20, 2005

Die, nip slip, die


The fun thing about my Radar sex column (now officially every Friday) is that I can see-saw back and forth between the serious -- last week's attack on the abstinence pro-death movement -- and the silly -- this week's attack on nipple slips.

By the way, the classic photo above represents the Lohanboobies' valedictory appearance on this site. Until the now freakishly-skinny girl ditches her "new trainer" and picks up a hamburger, she's dead to me. [Update: After Saturday night, I mean. This is one train wreck I have to see.]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


The nip slip, and its close relative the "strap lapse", have long been used as tools of celebrity pseudo-scandal. I trace it to the Paris Salon of 1884 and Sargent's infamous portrait of the socialite Madame Gautreau -- sort of the Paris Hilton of her day. The recent use of the PG variety by a domain name retailer confirms your suspicion -- it is so, so over. Documentary evidence here:


New trainer: Klaus Barbie.

I was just checking in to see what you made of the disappearance of poor Lohan. But it was to be expected. You'd be surprised how many calories you burn pushing down a full syringe's plunger. Plus, tying off is pretty strenuous if you really put your back into it. I kid!

I actually made that comment before mousing over your "new trainer" link. Funny.

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