May 17, 2005

And on day two, I flushed Paris Hilton's Sidekick down a toilet

It's all in good fun, right? After months of getting slapped around by Gawker, my pals at Radar Online slap back with a double-duty tidbit, reporting that Gawker Media Editorial Director Choire Sicha is jumping to The Observer and, better yet, that this week's anonymous Gawker guest editor is actually a Newsweek reporter who -- gasp! -- plans to write an article about slumming for a blog. Really, could anything be more LSM? It's the kind of thing Gawker would normally make fun of. Oh wait, it's the kind of thing, Gawker is currently making fun of.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


And LSM stands for...lame-stream media?

Thanks Francis, I wondered the same.

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