May 16, 2005

Sex: It's Worse Than Cancer

The second-installment of my Radar sex column is online today. Here's the teaser.

In June 2002, as the invasion of Iraq was looming, the Pentagon suddenly found itself with an opportunity to take out Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the well-known terrorist lurking in the northern part of the country. To the surprise of military officials, as the Wall Street Journal and NBC News later reported, the White House nixed the operation. Policy makers were using Zarqawi’s presence in Iraq as one of their rationales for going to war, and getting rid of him in advance might have undermined their case.

Three years later, with Zarqawi leading a stubborn insurgency, that decision seems somewhat shortsighted. Today there’s another war taking place: a war against sex. And the abstinence movement — which advocates complete chastity until marriage and which is rapidly replacing sex education in America’s schools with its own propaganda—has just made a tactical decision very similar to the one the White House did with Zarqawi. Only this time it’s not a miscalculation. It’s a coldly cynical strategy. And the deaths that result may dwarf the bloodshed in Iraq.

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Posted by Daniel Radosh


If you're looking for subject matter for future columns, you might want to look here.

Of course, no virus would dare infect someone
who's MARRIED. Hey, I've got an idea: let's
give faith-based abstinence "educators" 2 billion
dollars of taxpayer money (on top of their tax-free
status -- itself a subsidy of sorts). Oh wait,
the Bush admininstration has already beat me to
that idea. Aw shucks!

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