May 13, 2005

Would you enjoy a picture of my cat snuggling with the first issue?

As you may have heard, Radar's web site launched this week. I'm less involved with online than print, though I will take credit for enlisting Francis to write the anti-news ticker. Also, I'm honored to say that I will be writing a regular column about sex. Not, I assure you, my own sex life, or that of hip New Yorkers, nor advice, nor reviews of pornographic videos or web sites. No, I'll be writing, as I do sometimes on this site now and again, about sex in the news, in politics, in popular culture.

The first installment is actually not very representative, as it wasn't even originally intended to be put under the sex slug (mmm, sex slug), but it's first, so there you go. There's some other fun stuff on the site too, if you're inclined to poke around.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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