May 6, 2005

They were dictated by a flaming bush

File under theocracy-watch [via Salon]:

"East Waynesville Baptist asked nine members to leave. Now 40 more have left the church in protest. Former members say Pastor Chan Chandler gave them the ultimatum, saying if they didn't support George Bush, they should resign or repent."

So far, so good, but here's the part I really wondered at:

"There are questions about whether the bi-laws were followed when the members were thrown out."

"Bi-laws"? Sounds like this church has bigger problems than a few Democrats.

Posted by Daniel Radosh



Jeez. I knew those guys 15 years ago and didn't think it was possible for that church to get stranger. Silly me.

I say if they're going to preach politics, yank their tax exempt status.

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