May 3, 2005

You want snide? I'll show you snide.


More important journalism from Peter Landesman (the Full House years).

Ten Ways to Wreck A Date. Led to a raid on a notorious dating ring outside Disneyland.

Two-For-One Christmas Fun. Can't possibly be understood by comfortable liberals with no experience of the criminal underworld.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


So.... is Peter Landesman gonna be the new Lindsay Lohan (who I hear is, according to Peter Landesman, the new Jesus) around here?

Actually, Huckapoo was the new Lohan, Lohan (jesus) was the new Schwarzenegger, and Schwarzenegger was the new Landesman (who was in turn the new Easterbrook). However, Stephanie from Full House might be the new Huckapoo.

It should go without saying that I would be thrilled to have written two Full House novels. But then, I'm not the one who thinks there's something wrong with being obsessed with post- (not pre-, sorry, Peter) pubescent girl bands.

Careful now! EVERYBODY knows what "comfortable liberals" is code for- and *that's* why "2-4-1-X-Mas Fun" is beyond comprehension.

Dude, how could you forget Full House Stephanie #12 -- "Picture Me Famous" -- that thing rocked!

Really, now, quite an oversight, Mr. 7th Ave.

There are low blows, and then there are low blows. This is perhaps the latter. The truly funny thing? If anyone actually were to purchase these books from Amazon through the link, I believe our host would get a kickback.

I'm done reading your blog.

Seriously, how does this impugn him? It makes you look petty and repellant--sorry, I guess some people have to work their way up, instead of using Daddy's last name to get an internship at Spy.

Max: I believe this is what Dan was replying to. Landesman's introductory comments: "Radosh,
For a guy whose interests seem to roam between pre-pubescent girl-bands and middle-school level take-downs, I am impressed you still claim some interest in journalism."

Meanwhile, I've actually heard some good stuff about these books. As Emerson, NJ Fifth Grade Student says: "The title and author of this book is Full House- Stephanie, Two- For-One Christmas Fun by Peter Landesman. I think this book deserves five stars because I love the show Full House and the book is exactly the same. Also the book is is really good. The problem in the story is that Stephanie and her best friend Allie, get in a fight over a boy. I'd recommend this book because it is a great book. Some other books by this author are, Picture Me Famous, Ten ways how to wreak a date and much more! "

I don't know, Matt, I think it's the former!

OMFG. This just gets better and better.

Damn, I knew I should have gone with "You want petty and repellant? I'll show you petty and repellant."

Look, look, we get it. You're both experts in pubescent girls. Now can you shut up and let us watch our movie? It's almost at the part where Dan sells Peter as a sex slave to Dorothy Lamour.

Radosh - Where does Cynthia Cotts fit in your timeline?

student- I guess that makes Dan Bing and Peter Bob?

I just bought that damn book off of Amazon.

That's the way "The Road To Blogistan" seems to be shaping up, Humma. Although it might make more sense the other way around, as it would allow Peter to croon the movie's show-stopping cover of "Jordan, Minnesota."

Pubescent girls: They're what makes Dan Bing and Peter Bob.

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