April 27, 2005

Gawker? I hardly know 'er!


I know it's the thing to complain that Gawker's guest editors are never as good as the real ones (who were never as good as the ones who preceeded them, who were never as good as they were on their personal sites, etc). But frankly, I'm thrilled that Noelle Hancock has fulfilled her goal of "trying to find a career that will allow her to wear pajama pants to the office every day." It gives me an excuse to post this photo from her old Stuff layout. If all journalists were this hot, I might actually go to some of those MediaBistro gatherings.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Have I ever told you that you're my hero?

I was shooting for wind beneath your wings, but I'll take it.

You know who my hero is? That smiley face on Noelle's thigh.


But when you think about it that's really embarassing; I hope it was Stuff's idea for her to wear all that Yale gear. Makes her seem like she has issues.

Now Dr Who underpants, that would be healthy.

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