April 22, 2005

What you didn't see, you can still sort of get


The weird thing about the WYSIWYG show this week is that I was The Old Guy. Everyone was reading about their jobs, and they're all talking about how they graduated from college in 2002 or whatnot. Meanwhile, my story references Ed Koch and The Equalizer. Now I know how Jarvis must feel on all those blogger panels.

Anyway, it was a great night. This girl had the funniest Auschwitz joke I've ever heard (OK, the only funny Auschwitz joke I've ever heard). This guy made me want to buy a mirror hat. He made me even more concerned about driving on the FDR, he reminded me never to trust a hippie, and she had the cutest little dress and boots (see photo above; If you want to see the pictures of me, they're here. I think they photoshopped in that shirt, though. I was actually wearing an ironic hipster t-shirt, I swear).

Supposedly they'll be posting video of the readings soon. Meanwhile, you can read my story about measuring newsstands for the New York City Department of Transportation.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Hey Daniel, thanks for posting this. And thank you again for reading. You were a riot!

And hey, I liked the shirt, even though you're too sexy for it.

well, I think i've read that story about your summer job like a dozen times already, but the part that interested me most leads to this...

Title: The Equalizer
Log Line: A veteran covert operative, who seeks redemption for his dark deeds, quits a CIA-like agency and puts an advertisement in the paper that reads simply: "Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer."
Writer: n/a
Agent: n/a
Buyer: Mace Neufeld Productions
Price: n/a
Genre: Drama
Logged: 4/19/05
More: To be based on the TV series which ran on CBS from 1985-1989. Michael Sloan, Tony Eldridge, and Mace Neufeld will produce. No screenwriter is attached yet. Michael Sloan & Tony Eldridge are repped by Mickey Freiberg of Acme Talent and Literary.

that's from ...

The equalizer was my favorite tv show all through high school, I'm sure the movie will stink in comparison. I'd like to find a copy of the theme song...

Yeah, I loved the show too. A movie could work though, if they don't try to turn it into just another splashy action pic. They're making an A-Team film also, so I'm totally smelling double feature here.

Anyway, if there's no screenwriter attached yet, it's not too late to get your treatment in!

But will Stewart Copeland do the music?

Oh how I loved that show -- and his top coat.

Funny Equalizer story. When I worked at a private investigations firm, my boss happened to be a frustrated actor -- claims he did Shakespeare in the park with Danny DeVito and was good friends with the guy who played Newman on Seinfeld. Anyway, this boss says he had a small role on Equalizer as the bad guy. The next morning, he went into the little Korean-owned store around the corner, and the owner looked him up and down before finally declaring: "Equa-wizer! You Equa-wizer!" It marked the only time anyone from the general public noticed him as a TV personality.

Hey Daniel, thanks for the Auschwitz shout-out. More importantly, after reading these comments, I gotta ask if anyone here has seen the pilot scripted by Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel (my idol) called "Lookwell", starring Adam West? It was about an actor who played a detective on TV, and later in life decides to become a real detective, even though he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. By far the funniest thing is when Adam West decides to go undercover as a hobo, and shows up the next day holding a stick with a sack tied to it, wearing a hat with a wilted daisy in it, and clothes full of patches...

Sometimes Trio shows it on their Brilliant But Cancelled series. Get a hold of it.


No, I felt that way only at PS1.

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