April 22, 2005

Competition for the title of world's most ironic one-year-old

Y'all know I try really hard not to inflict my children on you. No one wants radosh.net to become one of those blogs. But since I've already posted or linked photos of my daughter twice now, it's only fair to note that her twin brother is not without his own sense of fun.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


Just WHAT kind of a parent are you that you let a child that young SMOKE!!!! Here I have been reading this BLOG thinking "This guy is really on the ball, I like the way he thinks" and all the while you are allowing such behavior. I am apalled!

I agree completely. Daniel, for the love of god, those Marlboro cigs are dioxin city! Please, please, please, reconsider and only furnish the child with organic American Spirit-style cigarettes.

So..do your kids like Huckapoo? ;)

Alexa, they're not THAT ironic. Give 'em till their second birthday at least!

hmmm... might be good casting for the equalizer!

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