April 18, 2005

And with it we give up all hope of seeing "part 2" of that Galleycat post

The Cast of Shadows review that counts most is in.

What's striking about "Cast of Shadows" is that Mr. Guilfoile, in his first outing as a novelist, does all this with a lot more panache than Mr. Crichton has demonstrated in many years. His story occasionally stumbles into the clichés thrillers are prone to: portentous, hyperventilated foreshadowing; dreary school-room talk of good and evil; and a supporting cast made up of standard-issue cops, private detectives and long-suffering spouses. But Mr. Guilfoile's tricky, high-concept plot continually subverts and plays with the reader's expectations.

Very positive overall, but not completely. Personally, I'd put this blurb on the softcover: "A gripping if lumpy thriller!"

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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