April 8, 2005

And it's WAY better than jumbo shrimp

Headline/head-scratcher of the day: Teens Prefer Oral Sex to Virginal Sex

They mean 'vaginal' of course. I'm actually writing about this survey for the first installment of my weekly Radar Online column. Stay tuned.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Perhaps "virginal" is a term they picked up from the nine graders.

I'm sure there's an explanation in one of their "Old Artiles."

W.hat's w.ith t.he f.irst l.etter d.ot b.ullshit?

Hey, it's easy to complain, but why not change the system from within? There's a "writers wanted" link at the top of the page. (The URL, appropriately, is "/freelacer")

Not to mention that it's on the website foodconsumer.org!?! Is it because of the superiority of "oral sex." Or perhaps "virginal sex" has something to do with olive oil.

Their parents, however, would prefer they opt for banal sex.

I guess it's all better than whoral sex.

Continued reading: http://jscms.jrn.columbia.edu/cns/2005-03-15/goetz-teensex

And no, it's not porn (but "goetz-teensex"... it certainly SOUNDS like it is), it's a study about stopping the spread of sexual disease among teens.

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