April 6, 2005

What is this thing you call basketball?


A little late for March Madness, but I finally came across the MSNBC Comedy Movie bracket.

Given the limitations of the site's original 64 picks, my final four came down to: Big Lebowski v. Groundhog Day (which only very narrowly defeated Rushmore) and Election v. The Philadelphia Story. From there, I have Groundhog Day facing off against Philly, with the Dream Team of Kate, Jimmy, and Archie going on to final victory.

You can disagree, of course. MSNBC readers' favorites (for some reason we don't get to know the actual final four, since some of these faced off against each other) were: Office Space, Caddyshack, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Airplane. I had Airplane going one round, Holy Grail going two (falling to Philly Story) and the fine Office Space never making it out of the gate, thanks to first round competition from Election. Caddyshack is the most overrated comedy of all time.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Blasphemy! I had Caddyshack losing to Philadelphia Story in the championship, with those besting The Big Lebowski and Best in Show, respectively, in the Final Four.

I agree with Daniel. Caddyshack stinks.

Most overrated comedy of all time? Are you out of your mind? First of all, Caddyshack is pure comic genius, from start to finish. Second of all, it's a piece of history, both as Chevy Chase's only funny role, and the last time a bug-eyed negro was used for comic effect in an American film. Third of all, Tootsie is the most overrated comic film of all time, a smug and pretentious lark ranked by the AFI as the top comedy of all time.

I'd submit Fletch and Clark Griswold (at least in the first couple of Vacation movies) as funnier Chevy Chase roles. Though that Kenny Loggins song? Awesome.

what josh said.

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