April 5, 2005

The next best thing to actually blogging?

Despite the fact that I haven't been blogging much the last few weeks, I will be, later this month, reaching a major blogger milestone, when I appear at the WYSIWYG Talent Show, reading a story I wrote many years ago for The New York Press that (sort of) fits this month's theme, Minimum Rage: Work Slaves Revolt. Several other excellent bloggers will be reading too, of course.

Details: April 19th, 7:30 at PS 122 in NYC. Please come say hi. I'd love to meet my regular readers. It is so lonely sitting here at my computer. So, so lonely. I am almost tempted to post a picture of my cats.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Why, oh why, do things like this have to be scheduled when I'm going to be on nightfloat? Hope it turns out well!

Don't you know you're only allowed to post cat pictures on Friday? We'll see if I can attend.

I'd love to support you, but then again Michigan is pretty far - and unless Wonkette is going topless, I'll probably have to support you in spirit. Have fun!!

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