April 1, 2005

Foolish and boring. How can you lose?

Parody is easy, though you wouldn't know it from how much bad parody there is out there. All it takes is a knack for mimicry and a facility for jokes. But what's tricky is parody with a clever underlying premise -- something that skewers the target right off the bat, and makes all the jokes cohere. For instance (if I do say so myself), What if Dave Eggers wrote the Harry Potter books?

Now you're already aware that our man Francis knows his way around a clever parody. So once you know that his birthday is April Fool's Day, you can pretty much expect him to celebrate by asking himself a question like, What if BoingBoing was actually BoringBoring? Dull has never been so entertaining.

An appreciative response, and lots of mirrors, here.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"What if?"

I can tell it's good parody; however, since I don't read BoingBoing the only way I can tell that is that it's by Francis Heaney.

And I have to confess here and now that it had never occurred to me till I saw that little button ad that "Holy Tango" was an anagram. I know, I know.

Thanks for the vote of confidence in my parody abilities, Vance. I am in fact but one of the three people behind the site; lots of backstory about the project is up at my blog today.

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