March 29, 2005

'Slasher' was taken

From Entertainment Weekly's review of Miss Congeniality 2:

"Sandra Bullock is a cutie. She's also an odd size, by which I mean that her very American onscreen persona — pal/girlfriend, tomboy/glamour-puss, gawky outsider/good-time longneck swigger — requires special care to keep all the pieces in balance. Not surprisingly for such a hyphenate (I'd also add comedienne/tragedienne), Bullock's movies are wildly hit-or-miss affairs..."

"Hyphenate" is an egregious magazine-ism that should almost always be avoided -- but especially when you're your (sheesh!) stylebook doesn't use hyphens.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"but especially when you're stylebook doesn't use hyphens."
um, if you want to criticize someone else's abuse of punctuation, it's more effective if you don't put apostrophes where they don't belong. just saying.

Hey Tony: You should really capitalize your sentences if you're going to criticize Dan's apostrophe fuck-up.

To be fair, the apostrophe was appropriately placed, it's just the word that was mistaken.

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