March 22, 2005

Schiavo clarification

I really don't want to write too much about this case. I find every aspect of it either depressing or sickening. But in the comments of my post on Terri Schiavo yesterday I repeated something I'd heard about Michael Schiavo possibly being motivated by money from a malpractice suit, and I should correct that. As David Corn notes, "the malpractice money, according to several media sources, is long gone. It's been spent on Schiavo's care, and now Medicaid pays the bills."

But while I'm still here, that Corn post, which exposes a cruel hypocrisy on the part of Congress regarding a six-month old named Sam Hudson, is worth reading. As is this one which shows a similar Bush hypocrisy, and reminds us that "the best primer on this episode" is the report prepared by Jay Wolfson, "a doctor and a lawyer who was appointed as a guardian for Schiavo in October 2003 by none other than Florida Governor Jeb Bush," "which just so happens to undercut the arguments of Tom DeLay, Bill First and the other Republican politicians seeking to exploit this sad story."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I don't know if you read the Broadsheet blog or not, but she had an interesting piece a few days ago about how President "Compassion is my middle name" Bush approved legislation that would allow hospitals to remove life support based on a patient's ability to pay.

In all fairness, hospital care IS expensive; in some cases, it may approach or exceed a thousand dollars per day. Think about it - if you paid, like I do, over $420 a month for insurance, and someone else who couldn't afford that went to a hospital and got the exact same level of care that you did, wouldn't you start to wonder why you were paying out all that money?

Ryan: Didn't we just hear that Terri's bills are being paid by Medicaid? So you agree that the tube should be pulled for that reason alone?

You've got an extra 'h' in the 'exposes a cruel hypocrisy' link....

Pearady: My comment doesn't specifically concern Terri at all. In fact, it's strictly a response to Malnurtured Snay's initial post,

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